Back to School!




I can't believe we are already beginning our first full week of school!  As much as I have missed my students over summer break, there are some administrative tasks that must be completed before we can jump into therapy.

Here's what is happening in the Speech Classroom during the beginning of the school year:

August 9 - 11 : SCHEDULING/Paperwork

     Scheduling is both my favorite thing to do and my least favorite thing to do. My favorite because I am excited to put groups together and prepare to have class with my students. My least favorite because it will, without a doubt, change at least 10 times!!!  This is because we have so many great extra services available to our students that sometimes we overlap. It all gets worked out in the end, but don't be surprised if what's written as the time and day in your child's speech folder gets changed and marked through several times. 

     Oh, paperwork! We love it so!  There are quite a few lists to make, boxes to check, dates to gather, forms to collect, etc. before we can get rolling. Some of these forms MAY BE SENT HOME for you to sign, so keep an eye out for forms in backpacks!   


August 14 - 18: Hearing Screenings

       All students in grades K, 2, and 4 will have their hearing screened during this week. It is super helpful if we have good attendance during this week!! You will only be notified of results if your child does not pass the screening. Again, check backpacks for "Notice of Hearing Screening Results".


August 21, 22: PreK Screenings/Make-up Hearing Screenings

     Any PreK student who has not yet completed a language and hearing screening will be screened during these two days. If your child was absent for the K, 2, 4 hearing screening, it will be completed during these two days.


August 23:  THERAPY BEGINS!!!!

        Your child will be pulled for therapy today! All speech students will receive a speech folder with basic speech information inside (my name, therapy days and times, goals, etc.) and the most important part - a stamp chart. The stamp chart is our reward system. Students earn one stamp each time they come to speech and put forth their best effort. Extra stamps can be earned for homework completion. More info on that later!


I can't wait to start this year and see my old speech friends and meet my new speech friends. Parents, if you are concerned about your child's speech, please speak with me or the homeroom teacher so we can address any concerns.


-Mrs. Hamm