Class Syllabus

4th Grade Science Syllabus



Class Description:

Welcome to 4th grade Science.  I am looking forward to a new school year.  Science is my favorite subject and I will have high expectations for each and every one of my students.  We will be learning lots of NEW things this year, as well as building on concepts that you have learned before reaching the 4th grade.  Here is a brief list of the content that will be taught in my class.  We will be covering all of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards for Science.


First 9 Weeks:

*Scientific Method & Science Tools

*Structures and Functions of Organisms

*Sensory Process of Organisms

*Light Reflection & Sight


Second 9 Weeks:

*Fossils & History of the Earth

*Changes to Earth’s Surface

* Earth Materials & Landforms

*Natural Hazards


Third 9 Weeks:

*Natural Resources

*Motion & Energy

*Sound, Light, Heat & Electrical Energy


Fourth 9 Weeks:

*Energy Transfer

*Conservation of Energy

*Waves of Energy

*Digital information and codes



STEM education is a growing force in today’s classroom.  Exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is important in twenty-first century learning as it allows students to succeed in higher education as well as a variety of careers. We will be learning how to use the Engineering Design Process in multiple tasks that ask student to solve a problem.  This will allow students to practice their creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.  I am very excited about this new opportunity in my classroom!



Student’s grades will be based on their individual performance of assignments and tests related to Kentucky Core Academic Standards for Science.



You can expect homework on Monday-Thursday nights but it could vary and not be on a daily basis.  Homework will be checked the day that it is due and many times corrected together as a class. 


Classroom Procedures:

Everyday, class will begin immediately with a Super Science Starter.  Attendance and homework, if assigned, will be checked at the beginning of each class.  Other classroom procedures will be discussed the first week of school including how to hand in papers, when to sharpen pencils, bathroom breaks, etc….


Contact Information

Please feel free at any time during the year to contact me with any questions that you might have:

School Phone: (859) 289-3785