Ms. Vice's Behavior Goals

Sensational Saturn Student- Students who exceeded being a role model, and demonstrate they are giving 110%. Going above and beyond to reach proficiency!

Jazzy Jupiter Role Model- caught being good, showing others what a great student does to reach proficiency.

Earthlings Ready to Learn- everyone starts here each day. Your goal is to stay here or move up!

Vexing Venus-You were caught not being a fabulous student (talking when not appropriate, breaking our class rules, etc.) You can always move back up for good behavior!

Mercury Martian- You are acting like a martian from a foreign land! You are close to the sun and on the verge of calling your home base. Stop, think, turn it around, and move it back up the ladder!


 Call Home base- You call home to your parent or guardian and explain why and what has occurred. Not Ms. Vice, YOU CALL!!!