History of FHA-FCCLA


1944-45                     Kentucky was the first state to meet qualifications for a state charter and received State Association Charter Number 1, dated November, 1945 with 88 charter chapters. National dues were $.10 per member.


1945-46                     First year after organization with 122 chapters and 4,231 members.


1946                                Honorary memberships were originated.


1946-47           Kentucky had its first National officer and was host to the sub-regional                                                   

                        Meeting at Murray State College in the spring of 1947.


1947                                The Honor Roll Plan for recognizing Chapter achievements was   implemented. Eleven Chapters were recognized.


1948                                First State Degrees were awarded. Eighteen girls received them.


1948                Kentucky delegation attended the first national meeting in Kansas City,



1949                                The Scholarship Project was begun. Two scholarships of $125 each were presented.


1954                          The first FHA Leadership Training Conference was held in Hardinburg.                Prior to that year, Future Homemakers participated in a campaign to help raise funds for the Future Farmers of America Leadership Camp.


1955                The first decade of service awards were presented to advisors. 


1956-57                     Kentucky changed from 11 to 14 districts and sponsored a floor relief fund for families in Eastern Kentucky.


1961                The rating of chapter scrapbooks was discontinued and the scrapbook changed to a log.


1963                                First Youth Power Conference held (later called foodarama).


1965-66            The Future Homemakers of America beacame of age as the 21st year was           celebrated. A new National program of work was introduced with Kentucky giving emphasis to the projects “Jobs, Careers and you” and “Morals and Manners Matter”.


1966                         (Future Homemakers of America) and NHA (New Homemakers of      America) merged.


1967                State meeting held at Brown Hotel, Louisville and Miss Mildred Reel, National adviser attended the meeting.


  1969              In February, Miss Mary Bell Vaughan became State Director of Home Economics and appointed Mrs. Agnes Foster, State Advisor. Rhonda Wall and her advisor, Miss Leila Hammons of the Memorial Chapter, helped present a new program of work at National meetings. They had been involved in helping to develop the new program. Mrs. Agnes Foster served on the national Advisory board from 1969-72.  


1970                Kentucky celebrated the silver anniversary of FHA and a gift of silver      appointments was presented to the association by Miss Mary Bell Vaughan and Miss Mary Lois Williamson.


1971                A separate HERO emblem was approved by the national advisory board. Encounter replaced the Degree Program at the national level. A special workshop for advisors was held at Western Kentucky University to develop the bulletin – “The Better Way-Home Economics –FHA”, to Emphasize FHA as a more integral part of the home economics program. 


1973           Kentucky changed from 12 districts to 13 regions. At the National level, program action IMPACT was introduced replacing the more traditional program of work. 


1974-75            Boys began joining FHA, and Kentucky had 178 male members.


1975                The state meeting was held in April instead of June at the Galt House in Louisville.


1976                A special workshop involving city teachers and advisors from each region, and the bulletin “New Directions for Future Homemakers” was developed, to give more help to advisors.     


1977                The national executive council and board of directors changed the FHA and HERO in the center instead of the house and hands.


                        Kentucky had a team of youth and adults attend a workshop in Washington D.C., to get Kentucky involved in the cooperative project with the March of Dimes on “Healthy Babies-chance or Choice.” Also, in 1977, the first boy attended the state FHA meeting.


1978                Three boys from Mason County High School received State Homemakers Degrees at the State Meeting.


1978-79           National dues increased from $1.00 to $2.00, state dues from $.20 to $.40   and regional dues from $.5 to $.10 per member.

1979                First boy regional officer attended Leadership Conference, from the Bullitt County Area Vocational Education Center.


1980                Kentucky’s first boy to attend national meeting, Craig Woods from Bullitt County, was elected National HERO representive.


1981                In the spring, Region 9-10 was divided; and Kentucky had 14 FHA/HERO regions


1983                National dues increased from $2.00 to $4.00 per member. Mrs. Helen Shryock was named State Advisor replacing Mrs. Anges Foster who retired.


1984                STAR events were started in Kentucky under the direction of Mrs.  Shryock. There were 9 events the first year. National bylaws were amended to provide for alumni/associate Membership.  


1985                                Mrs. Jeanette Downey was appointed State Advisor.      


1986                Changes were made in the Creed to include the lines, “We are the members of FHA and HERO Chapters”


1987                Martha Layne Collins, Governor of Kentucky, was named outstanding alumni member during the national meeting.


1988                Kentucky hosted its first Cluster meeting in Louisville.


1989                The state advisory board voted in increase the Vaughan-Williamson Scholarship to $1200, the FHA/HERO Scholarships to $1000, and added an Agnes Foster Scholarship in the amount of $1200 to be given annually to a student continuing to major in Home Economics. Chapters could bring as many members as they wanted to the state meeting.  


Mrs. Ginny Ellington was appointed State advisor, the first state advisor to have been a member of FHA during High school.


1990                A major state bylaws revision changed names and duties of some officers. Those changes created a Vice President for programs, Vice President for Achievement, Vice President for STAR Events and an Activity leader. The Vice President for programs was put in charge of Honor roll ant the Treasurer became responsible for the Scholarship Project.


1991                Bylaws were revised by adding two additional members to the state Advisory board a representative from Business and Industry and a representative from the Alumni/Associates Executive Council. 


1992                Changes were made in criteria for Junior, Chapter and State Degrees. Bylaws changes include chapters conferring no more than two Honorary Memberships per year instead of one. 


                                      Chris Colburn, Spencer County Chapter, was the first male state officer.


1993                Bylaws changes include eliminating the limitation on chapters to allow state officer candidates each year regardless of current state officers. Alan Rains, National FHA/HERO Executive director attended the state meeting.


1994                Two males were elected to state officers: Charles Tichenor, Spencer County Chapter, and Duan Wright, Greenwood Chapter (the first Afro-American male to serve as a state officer). Kentucky received a record number of gold metals at the national Meeting for STAR Events, 42. 27 of those were awarded to the Fleming county chapter.   


1995                Name of Home Economics changed to Family and Consumer Sciences, thus making it necessary to change name in bylaws and other materials. 


1996                Changed bylaws to reflect name change of profession to Family and Consumer Sciences.


            National dues increased by $1.00 making the total $6.00 per member.


1997            Mrs. Ginny Ellington, State advisor, served as Chair of the State Advisors Coordinating Committee and as Assistant Lead Coordinator for national STAR Events.


1998                            Dues increased from $.40 to $1.75 for state, and from $.10 to $.25 for regional.


Ms. Mary Ann Fourqueran, instructional supervisor for Trigg County schools was selected as national outstanding administrator.           


1999            Mitch McConnell / Hal Rogers Juvenile Anti-Violence Award was instituted to be given annually. 


                        Louisville hosted 6th National Cluster Meeting


FHA changed its name to Family Career and Community Leaders of America.


                        The new logo was adopted for the organization.


2000                      Mrs. Debbie Tankersley was named the 6th state adviser.   

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