College and Career Ready

The vision of the Kentucky Board of Education and Nicholas County High School is to ensure that all students reach proficiency and graduate from high school ready for college and careers. The board’s vision is informed by a changing economy that requires P-12 schools to prepare students for a more complex and competitive workplace. 

The following students are College and Career Ready:

Class of 2017:
Colby Caswell 
Brittney Hackworth 
Jillian Hughes 
Hannah Jolly
Samuel Jolly
Sarah Jolly
Grace Kiskaden
Trent Letcher 
Bryce Markland
Autumn Martin
Laura McCord 
Logan Stafford 
Cassidy Wells
Mercer Wills 
Candyce Worrell

The following students are College Ready:

Class of 2017:
Miranda Bretz
James Campbell
Sydney Hatton  
Jessica Hudson
Dallas Hunt
Areyona Ishmael
Sara Johnson 
Alyssa Livingood    
Devon Madison 
Weslee Neace 
Austin Parton
Samantha Payne
Blake Sanders 

Class of 2018:
Logan Bechanan 
Leah Gardner
Broedy Harris
Merrick Johnson
Reganne Miller
Spencer Morris 
Terah Sexton
Wilson Switzer
Elijah Whirles

Class of 2019:
Abbie Bearden
Brian Hoover 
Jenna Ishmael
Emmy Saunders
Isaac Sexton 

Class of 2020:
Jay Thomas Giannasio

The following students are Career Ready:

Class of 2017:
Kaitlyn Earlywine
Jacob Jolly
Cody Moon
Wes Sapp